What Is a Dab Rig?

What Is a Dab Rig?

Dab rigs, also known as "dab bongs" or "oil rigs," are apparatuses that bear resemblance to bongs and water pipes, but employ a distinctive method exclusively for heating and transforming cannabis concentrates into vapor. These concentrates encompass a variety of products such as natural oils, wax, shatter, budder, crumble, and the like.

The term "dab" is used to denote the quantity of concentrate that is vaporized. The act of consuming this concentrate by vaporizing and inhaling the resultant vapor is termed "dabbing."

Contrary to conventional smoking, the user does not directly burn the dab concentrate. The process of consumption is primarily based on vaporization. In dabbing, no combustion takes place, hence, there is no inhalation of smoke.

If you are considering dabbing, begin with identifying the appropriate dab rig that will ensure an optimal dabbing experience.

The choices are diverse - ranging from convenient and portable models to those offering more percolation for higher temperatures and smoother dabbing.

Our comprehensive guide will aid in understanding the prevalent types and multiple components that constitute a dab rig, thereby enabling you to make the most suitable choice for your dabbing experience.

Traditional Dab Rigs:

Traditional dab rigs are the predominant type you'll encounter. They usually comprise a glass water conduit, a nail fashioned from quartz, titanium, or ceramic, along with a dome or a banger. The nail undergoes heating with a torch until it hits the optimal temperature, after which the concentrate is applied onto it. This action generates vapor that is drawn in via the mouthpiece. Traditional dab rigs are renowned for their straightforwardness and efficiency.

Glass Dab Rigs:

Glass dab rigs, the quintessential choice for dab rig enthusiasts, are frequently utilized by individuals who enjoy smoking wax, shatter, or rosin dabs.

These rigs are typically crafted from borosilicate glass, a material designed to enhance durability and withstand elevated temperatures.

The appeal of glass dab rigs also lies in their diversity. They come in an array of shapes, shades, and sizes, with heights varying from 6 to 12 inches based on individual preference.

Who is the Ideal User of a Glass Dab Rig?

Glass dab rigs are suitable for everyone, but they particularly excel for:

- Beginners stepping into the world of dabbing

- Those in search of a robust and multifaceted dab rig

- Individuals seeking a balance of quality and affordability

- Users intending to accessorize their dab rig

- Those who prioritize the unique flavor profiles offered by dabbing concentrates.

Silicone Dab Rigs:

Silicone dab rigs are renowned for being the most practical and cost-effective dab rig available in the market. Their robustness stems from their flexible composition, making it nearly invincible - practically eliminating the possibility of breakage if accidentally dropped.

Most designs are compatible with glass or quartz add-ons. A selection can even be disassembled for effortless cleaning, storage, and transport.

Who is the Ideal User of a Silicone Dab Rig?

Silicone dab rigs are the perfect match for dabbers:

- Seeking a durable and long-lasting dab rig

- Desiring a handy, easily transportable product

- Preferring a low-maintenance and simple to clean product

- Wishing to carry their dabbing equipment with them while on the move

Recycler Dab Rigs:

Recycler rigs are known for their intricate design and superior filtration capabilities. These rigs feature a unique water chamber system that continuously recycles the water, creating a continuous flow of smoke or vapor. The recycling action helps cool down the vapor, resulting in smoother hits and enhanced flavor. Recycler rigs are visually appealing and provide an excellent dabbing experience for those seeking advanced filtration and diffusion.

E-Rigs (Electric Dab Rigs):

Electric dab rigs, commonly referred to as E-rigs, are renowned as the most convenient and mobile dab rig available on the market. These dab rigs feature a modular design, allowing them to be disassembled for easy storage in carry-on kits, and their compact size ensures they can be effortlessly slipped into your pocket.

E-rigs stand out for their superior temperature management, with certain models offering a variety of heat settings, enabling users to select the optimal temperature for vaporizing their concentrates.

E-devices operate on rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for a torch. Their rechargeable nature facilitates a quick and easy heat-up process, which is a marked improvement over other dab rig varieties.

Who Should Consider Using an E-Rig?

E-rigs are an excellent choice for those:

Desiring a fast and convenient dab rig with rapid heat-up times

Seeking optimal control over temperature settings

Preferring a portable dabbing experience

Opting for a rechargeable battery option that boasts a long life

Looking for a fair price-quality ratio for their investment.

Mini Dab Rigs:

Mini dab rigs are essentially compact counterparts of various other dab rigs, usually standing less than 7" tall. They are predominantly crafted from sturdy borosilicate glass or silicone.

Despite their diminutive size, mini dab rigs deliver an enormous punch without sacrificing smoothness. Their design is often more elaborate, featuring more curves in the pipes for cooling purposes and additional percolators for improved filtration.

Who is the Mini Dab Rig For?

Mini dab rigs are the perfect choice for those who:

- Appreciate the compact versions of dab rigs

- Are discreet cannabis consumers

- Desire portability for easy transportation

- Favor a simple set-up

- Enjoy extensive percolation

- Seek a fusion of convenience and a wide range of options.

How to Choose a Dab Rig?

While it's beneficial to explore various dab rigs, the ultimate decision is largely influenced by your individual requirements.

If your aim is to maximize your dabbing experience, you should pay attention to certain key features.

Alternatively, you can browse through our - a comprehensive guide about the array of dabbing tools available.

Robust & Superior Quality Materials

Cost is a factor to consider when purchasing your initial dab rig. Nonetheless, opting for the cheapest dab rig you can find may lead to it breaking due to mishandling, accidental drops, or even heat-induced glass cracking.

Durability ranks among the top qualities to look for in a dab rig. Invest in a dab rig crafted from robust and superior quality materials - such as borosilicate glass, which is a durable type of glass that can endure thermal shock.

Also, ensure your equipment has the appropriate dab nail or banger, as it's a vital component of the device. These resemble a bowl, but are constructed with materials that can bear high heat. The finest nails are made with materials like quartz, ceramic, or titanium. In general, all dab rigs will include one of these, but you can also purchase one individually.

Dimensions & Designs

Some users prefer to bring their dab rig along wherever they venture. If you desire a convenient and portable option, opt for a smaller dab rig - such as a mini dab rig.

Conversely, if you prefer something elegant and unique that will amplify your dab hits, consider a recycler dab rig with an extensive percolator downstem.

If your goal is to savor your vapor, a smaller dab rig would be the ideal choice as they are renowned for delivering enhanced flavor. Larger pieces are suggested for more potent and larger hits - although smaller pieces can also deliver a powerful punch.

Also, take into account additional features like percolators if you prefer smoother hits (see below).

Filtration (Percolators)

You would want to avoid dry hits while dabbing as it can scorch your lungs - opt for a dab rig equipped with percolators. Water filtration (or percolation) is crucial for achieving smooth hits.

The water cools the smoke as it traverses through the piece resulting in a safer and more pleasant smoking experience.

Percolators are available in various shapes and sizes. Some rigs have only one percolator, while others feature multiple. For the smoothest hit possible, consider a rig equipped with two to four percolators.


When it comes to dabbing, choosing the right dab rig is crucial for a satisfying experience. Whether you opt for a traditional dab rig, an e-nail, a portable rig, a recycler rig, or a dab straw, each type has its own unique benefits. Consider your preferences, lifestyle, and budget when selecting a dab rig that suits your needs. Experimenting with different types of rigs can enhance your dabbing experience and help you find your perfect match.